Spring Card Exchange

#springcardswap #decorativework #handmadecard #happyspring

#springcardswap #decorativework #handmadecard #happyspring #vintagepostcard#springcardswap #decorativework #handmadecard #happyspring #wongmay #poetry

#springcardswap #decorativework #handmadecard #happyspring

I’ve always loved to make cards for my friends and family, partly to save money, and mostly because I love getting my hands dirty with creative pursuits wherever I can find them. So when I saw this post on Handmade Success, a blog I love, I decided to get involved in my very first card exchange.

These are the cards I ended up sending away last week to my exchange partner, a great shop out of Canada called Berry Sweet Treats that sells handmade accessories, jewelry, and paper goods.

For this card exchange, I started with vintage postcards. When I make cards I tend to make several at the same time because with multiples I take more risks because all my hopes for the project aren’t pinned onto just one object. I painted various patterns and designs over the vintage printed images and settled on 3 of them that I liked best. In honor of Spring and Canada, where the cards were being shipped, I found this fantastic poem by a poet named Wong May to write out on the backside of my 3 part card:

Spring, 1971, Canada

What do the birds know

but the birds are North again

in 5000 B.C. as in 2000 A.D –
One must imagine a call
Each day brings fresh arrivals
the blue birds the wild geese the thrushes the crows
Each within its appointed time
One must imagine a King of the North
playing his ancient lyre
in perpetual winter
Remembering the mates he has lost.

One must imagine him immortal.
Each chord he plucks
Draws the bird and its lot
nearer North. His lone voice
speaks of Spring,
mating, migration, the inexplicable
laws. He promises
nothing, but sings
only of thos who perish on the way

Nothing brings the birds

more surely

home. One must imagine him human

and irresistible.


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