for love by wong may

#orangecountyhike , #familyportrait  , #getoutside #wongmay , #forlove , #poetry , #femalepoets

i’ve spent a good portion of the spring taking my making and vintage habits seriously, diligently looking to find strategies to sustain a business from my what my heart needs and wants. regardless of my full on efforts, i’m still just beginning, and i’ve been a bit overwhelmed and discouraged lately so when i found this poem by Wong May, something about it resonated with my current mood.

nothing grounds me better than reading something like this to remind of me the beautiful and complex mystery of the love that is, at this very moment, over flowing through out my life. that despite my failures or missteps, however this crazy business idea works out, i already have so much. the poet talks of a waste but that makes me think of abundance and because i perceive of purpose everywhere, it fills me with hope.

the image at the top is from a hike in orange county that i took with my husband joe and our dog judy this past weekend, a few hour break from the studio. the fresh air really did wonders to refresh my focus and resolve. the poem is from a book of poems called reports. get your own copy of the book here.


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