treasure hunting

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a few of the treasures i found this week are heading to Long Beach Vintage Etc later today: sweet vintage bag in excellent condition in a great and very wearable creamy textured neutral, a few vintage books on important topics like flower arrangement, christian sex, and word origins, i love this official state of California textbook with it’s colorful illustrations throughout teaching kids all about plants with seeds, old library books are full of great info like the fact that this christian sex book was last checked out in 1979, lovely vintage illustration of a milkweed from plants with seeds book, the dos and don’ts of flower arrangement (one of the many illustrations that fill this great vintage how to book).

ALSO: today is a great day to check out Long Beach Vintage Etc because they will be open late with big sales to coincide with the Third Fridays Twilight Walk tonight from 6-9 on Pine Avenue in Downtown Long Beach and if you head just a block down to 641 Pine Avenue, i’ll be there selling my handmade products for body and home made from my hand dyed fabrics.

Come say hi. Its my first attempt at being a craft vendor so i’d appreciate any support and feedback you can offer…




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