introducing: dyed patchwork baby bibs

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in honor of all of my friends and family expecting babies, i’ve worked out a way to make them great gifts and use my fabric scraps at the same time. Check out the newest item available for purchase in the decorative work etsy shop, the dyed baby bid made from scraps of dyed fabric and repurposed vintage fabrics.

I used a basic bib shape to create the main pattern, and each time I trace it onto the patched together fabric, I do it slightly differently so that the outline of each bib is one of kind, each one a different drawn shape, inspired by the way a child might draw one.

perfect for mom’s who understand that the love and care embedded in a handmade item easily trumps anything that is mass produced.

A standout gift for your next baby shower!

(Since my “baby” is actually a dog, i couldn’t resist trying one on her. )

In other news: The second and final iteration of the Site Space Pop-Up shop happens this Thursday from 12-10pm in Long Beach. If you haven’t stopped by…mark your calendars for Thursday!





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