introducing decorativeworkVTG

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I’m pleased announce that I have opened a new shop on etsy comprised of a collection of vintage items for contemporary use, not just to collect, but to hold, wear, read, view, and live with.

Check out the new shop here, and stay tuned as I continue to build and develop it, adding and refining with new items weekly. Here are images and links to a few of the current items in the collection- a mid century beautiful brown town skinny tie is perfect for dapper yet contemporary men or women,very confident lady like peep toe pumps from the 1980s, a vintage “Modern Map of Outer Space” with great illustrations, and this pretty piece of costume jewelry in a great color combination of greens and blues.

If you are in Long Beach, I still have a selection of vintage available locally at Long Beach Vintage Etc, but I thought it was time to add an online source of vintage to the mix.



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