treasure hunting

#vintageearrings #flowerearrings #cliponearrings  #vintagebag #beadedclutch #dapperdad #vintagetie #skinnytie #vintagehowto #watercolorpaintingisfun #patrioticbook #vintageUSAtrivia #4thofjuly #vintagebuttons #ropebuttons

Here are a  few of the wonderful new vintage treasures now available at decorativeworkVTG on etsy: these very pretty vintage rose clip on earrings are the sweetest pale pink and blue, a perfect touch of vintage style to add to your summer looks, check out this close up shot of a lovely vintage clutch I thrifted which shows the classy scalloped pattern and texture of the beading that covers the purse, a vintage skinny tie makes a great gift for your dapper Dad, summer is the perfect time to take up a new hobby so why not try your hand at watercolor painting with help from this vintage how to book, or try this vintage geography book which highlights each of the 50 states in a fun two page spread of interesting facts and trivia- great reading for kids on your next road trip, and these vintage rope buttons would be great on your next mending project.



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