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IMG_9051IMG_9164IMG_9079IMG_9144IMG_9133 a few freshly listed items on etsy, perfect to accompany you on your early June adventures.

images from top: A detail taken of the cover of the vintage scholastic book The Life and Words of Martin Luther King Jr. by Ira Peck, This pretty orange Vera scarf makes me think of orange sherbet and summer exploring, Don’t forget Dad this fathers day! This vintage tie is a sizzling metallic bronze shade perfect to mix into a contemporary wardrobe, Wear your heart on your sleeve, vintage style, with this mid century brooch, I went on a camping trip last week and these fun vintage clip on earrings remind me of being in the woods…



newest on etsy

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a few recent finds from my treasuring hunting adventures, now freshly listed in decorativeworkVTG on etsy: you will love love love this kelly green vintage straw handbag with its bright color and ladylike design, these classy vintage floral clip on earrings in a great creamy neutral with a touch of shine are the perfect bit of vintage to add to your November wardrobe rotation, I am inspired by the optimism of this vintage mug not to mention its boy scout history and kitschy patriotism, spend this holiday season making dances with help from this classic book on choreography, and this handmade belt is a pop of color and homespun goodness to accessorize your winter looks.

gift idea: vintage skinny ties

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Looking for the perfect gift? These vintage ties have plenty of wear left and lots of style to offer a contemporary audience. Great skinny ties like this are perfect for folks looking to emulate a quirky elegance and they would be worn equally well by men or women. Check out a few options available on etsy in my shop decorativeworkVTG for just $12 each plus shipping: Beautiful Ecru Mid Century Tie, Embroidered 1950s Tie with great fall color, a pink knit tie with a square end is a quirky and more causal version of the tie, lovely abstract blue Mid Century tie, Striped Tie in great wearable colors, and this pale neutral blue tie would be easy to mix and mix with a contemporary wardrobe.

Happy Giving!

treasure hunting for accessories

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Its been a good few weeks for thrifting accessories, coming soon to Long Beach Vintage Etc: a pair of beautiful straw wide brim vintage hats from the 1950’s, perfect stylish shade for the sun drenched southern California fall, check out the ivory  floral pattern on this 1950’s wiggle dress, an oh so ladylike creamy antique hand beaded bag, the pineapple clasp on this black vintage clutch is a great icon of vintage hospitality, fun 20s imagery cover this vintage tie, and Ladies, if you are a size 10, these fantastic red kitten heels with circle cut outs would be great to accessorize your back to school looks.