text inspiration: Agua Viva by Clarice Lispector

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One of my favorite writers in the world is brazilian Clarice Lispector and the first book that I ever read of hers was Agua Viva. This book is a constant inspiration to me, and I reread it regularly, always finding new insights and hence undiscovered gems. In addition to being drawn to its simple language and poetic style, I love its subject. The book is really all about the creative process and as someone who makes my artwork very intuitively, I love to read writers that can articulate this mysterious and beautiful human tendency.

For Helene Cixous, “Agua Viva is about writing , as a verbal activity. I write you. This is something active. The circulation of blood in this text, the vital theme of this text, is writing, all the questions of writing. Everything is organized around the mystery of writing. This mystery has to be read at the level of: why I write, how I write, from where I write, to whom I write, with what I write, of what I write, about what, toward what. All the questions of writing are right here.” (from the introduction essay).

When I googled the book title to find a suitable image of the book to include with this post, I was interested to find such a range of cover images and translations over the years, a testament to her influence around the world. Because I also love graphic design, more specifically book cover design, especially vintage, I thought I’d recap the range of covers I discovered rather than chose just one image. (If you love this kind of stuff too, I just started playing around on pinterest, so you should follow me.)

I’ll close with a few quotes on the creative process that might inspire you as they inspire me as I begin my day in the studio:

“As for the unforeseeable-the next sentence is unforeseeable for me. In the core of where I am, in the core of the Is, I don’t ask questions. Because when it is-it is. I’m limited only by my identity. I, an elastic entity separated from other bodies.”

“Now is an instant. And now, already is another one. And another. My intent: to bring the future into the present. I move within my deepest instincts which carry themselves out blindly. I feel then that I’m close to fountains, lakes, and waterfalls, all of overflowing waters. And I’m free.”

“I embody myself in voluptuous and unintelligible phrases that spiral outward beyond words. And a silence arises subtly from the clash of sentences. Writing, then, is the way followed by someone who uses words like bait: a word fishing for what is not a word. When that non-word-the  whatever’s between the lines-bites the bait, something is written. “

vintage illustrations

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i’ve been obsessing about the amazing illustrations in some of the vintage books i’ll be dropping off at the antique mall this weekend: check out this quirky illustration of a caterpillar from a vintage how and why wonder series book all about insects, this fish illustration is the tiniest hint of how great this vintage book really is…browsing through you will find illustrated fish literally swimming across the page…reallly cool kids…and who doesn’t love fish?, hands being hands from a book of vintage advertising art with an illustration glossary featuring pages of hands among so many other things, human anatomy is explained through awesome 1970s colorful sketches like this one in another how and why wonder book (thanks todd fox), this early illustration commands your intense excitement, loving this lion and palm tree combo, cool vintage eyewear makes learning fun.

newest on etsy

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Here are a few of the items I’ve listed on etsy this week. Click on the image to see item details and check back soon because I’m working on listing a few more items later in the week once I get a chance to get to the photography.


treasure hunting

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a few finds from the past few weeks of thrifting headed to Long Beach Vintage Ect later today: fantastic set of trivia cards from 1984 focused on world events or music, puzzle book with tons of word games and various puzzles- great for a vintage loving teacher, cleaning out my closet: this sweet vintage light weight creamy sweater is sure to turn heads and i always received compliments whenever I wore this crazy colorful skirt, vintage nostalgic birthday postcard, and a few skinny ties for fall, great for men or women.





around the studio

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a few moments of process from the studio over the past few weeks: dye notes for color recipes, this mundane photo from a 2012 trip to New Mexico is inspiring my recent color choices, some hand painted fabric in process, a peak at some scarves drying next to a few recent hanging sculptures getting ready for an exhibition later in August, loving the basic geometric elements of triangles and stripes that I find in southwestern rugs as a jumping off point for the design of new fabrics,a few tools of the trade.

treasure hunting

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A few highlights from the past few weeks of thrifting: This sweet floral vintage mug is looking for a new home, I couldn’t resist these black heels when I saw them a few weeks ago with their stunning vintage glamour (Can’t you imagine these paired with your little black dress for that perfect pop of vintage for a night out?), My weakness for poetry was fed when I found this book of verse by William Wordsworth, A few of the great vintage patterns, prints (and SEQUINS!!) on some of the vintage clothing added to my current inventory at Long Beach Vintage Etc, Platter of vintage pretties including some clip on earrings and this fantastic costume gold rope bow broach with pearl ends, One of the basketful of handmade yarn tassel variety packs,priced to sell at $5, perfect for your craft and decor projects.


kitchenette building / gwendolyn brooks

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“kitchenette building” by gwendolyn brooks

We are things of dry hours and the involuntary plan,
Grayed in, and gray. “Dream” makes a giddy sound, not strong
Like “rent,” “feeding a wife”, “satisfying a man”.

But could a dream send up through onion fumes
Its white and violet, fight with fried potatoes
And yesterday’s garbage ripening in the hall,
Flutter, or sing as an aria down these rooms

Even if we were willing to let it in,
Had time to warm it, keep it very clean,
Anticipate a message, let it begin?

We wonder. But not well! not for a minute!
Since Number Five is out of the bathroom now,
We think of lukewarm water, hope to get in it.

(image of Mom mugs for sale at Long Beach Vintage Etc now)

introducing: dyed patchwork baby bibs

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in honor of all of my friends and family expecting babies, i’ve worked out a way to make them great gifts and use my fabric scraps at the same time. Check out the newest item available for purchase in the decorative work etsy shop, the dyed baby bid made from scraps of dyed fabric and repurposed vintage fabrics.

I used a basic bib shape to create the main pattern, and each time I trace it onto the patched together fabric, I do it slightly differently so that the outline of each bib is one of kind, each one a different drawn shape, inspired by the way a child might draw one.

perfect for mom’s who understand that the love and care embedded in a handmade item easily trumps anything that is mass produced.

A standout gift for your next baby shower!

(Since my “baby” is actually a dog, i couldn’t resist trying one on her. )

In other news: The second and final iteration of the Site Space Pop-Up shop happens this Thursday from 12-10pm in Long Beach. If you haven’t stopped by…mark your calendars for Thursday!